Social Media Marketing: 10 valuable tips for your business

Kristopher Jones, CEO of and, gave a very interesting talk on social media marketing at the March 2015 online marketing rockstars conference. Before a company starts with social media, two questions have to be answered: 1. What goals would I like to achieve through my social media marketing? 2. Do I manage and manage the social media channels myself? And if not, do I hire someone or do I outsource social media marketing to a specialized service provider? Only then it goes to the development of the social media strategy: And only when that is, you should get started.

Social Media Marketing: Here are the 10 most important tips from Kristopher Jones!

1) Stop selling, listen, dear!

Who likes to listen to people who just tell you how great they are? Nobody! So stop selling! Those who only want to sell their products via social media will definitely fail. Because he is ignored. So what to do? To listen! What problems are affecting your target group? This knowledge is very valuable. Use qualitative reporting, quantitative reporting is not enough. And always ask yourself these questions during the interaction:

  • Can I give free (valuable) tips immediately?
  • What free content is available that I can share?
  • Do I – or do I now – have useful information that I can share? For example white papers, how-to guides or new links.

2) Interact and touch!

Conversations on social media always take place between people. So: Be human, natural, authentic! Not only useful content needs to be shared. It can also be personal experiences and experiences that touch other people. So a relationship can be built up with prospects and customers. Very important: answer all questions that are asked. Direct messages and “@ -posts” should always be answered promptly. But please never automated standard texts!

3) Offer added value!

Keep your eyes peeled for valuable content that you can share with your community. Also, look for ways to deliver knowledge to your customers – for example, using links to articles, videos, books, or other experts. It may also be helpful to connect your audience with people outside their network who might be of interest to them. For example, by introducing or recommending.

4) Create and share your own content!

Own and relevant content is a major factor in the success of social media marketing. There are many different formats: reports, interviews, how-to guides, videos, pictures, infographics and much more. Use these different formats and make your content available in different forms. In addition, individual contents have different functions. Think about which goal you primarily pursue: Should the content inform? Should he solve problems? Or just entertained? Always remember your strategy. To use the content really efficiently, it is very helpful to start a blog and display the content on the website in a social media-friendly way. The nice thing: Creating good, social media-enabled content not only pays off on your social media marketing but also on your SEO.

5) Share many pictures and videos!

Pictures and videos have a special power. They usually generate a higher commitment than mere text posts. For example, use Twitter’s ability to add up to three pictures to your tweet. Make sure your push communication is a good mix of text, video, and pictures. Pictures and videos can have a big impact on the brand image.

6) Stay consistent!

Consistently share useful information. This is not always possible, but at least try to provide one useful piece of information per day. And share in-house content at least once a week. And very important: answer direct messages and “markings” quickly.

7) Be always available!

Social media can be ideal for customer service. But: Then it must be ensured that you are always available. When complaints arise in the community, respond as quickly as possible. This not only prevents a shitstorm but often turns anger into satisfaction. But only if you are reachable!

8) Stay focused!

About 85 percent of your community should have a relationship with your product or service. Focus your social media activities on building relationships with customers and attracting new customers. To do this, you must select the social media platforms your customers are on.

And please always remember: The quality of the followers is crucial – not the quantity!

9) Become an influencer!

Build a high-quality community that feels connected to your content and communication and actively participates. As? With the creation of high-quality content that generates engagement and shared. And with quick reactions to questions and comments. Finally, one can conclude Quality = Influence.

10) Analyze and optimize your actions!

Try different things and compare the results. For example, post at different times of the day or week, make different quotes or try different content formats. So you learn and get valuable information for your future social media marketing. And that every day.