Content Marketing Trends 2018 – What's new and what's left?

201712KD Blogbeitrag Content Marketing Trends 2018

Well, how long have you kept your good intentions for the year 2017? The participants of the study Content Marketing Trends 2018 obviously took our blog post from last year to heart: All participants stated that their company has a content marketing strategy. However, only 14 percent have a fully developed and functioning strategy. And the others? For the majority, the strategy is still under construction, with around one-third of respondents saying that they are dissatisfied with the existing strategy. There is still room for improvement for 2018!

As is often the case with good intentions: most of them are still valid next year. Nevertheless, we looked at each other: What are the Content Marketing Trends 2018?

Purpose 1: Invest in content quality

Improving content quality is a key task for 98 percent of respondents in the New Year. What a confession! If you want to achieve success with content marketing, you first need a strategy and goals – only then do you use your budget and resources as effectively as possible. An important part of the content marketing strategy is the development of personas. This ensures that the content is relevant and useful – either satisfying a reader’s need (pull content) or awakening (push content). In the English-speaking world already a big topic: the optimization of content in terms of voice search. Maybe you’re one of those who uses the voice commands “Okay Google” or “Hey Siri”?

Resolution 2: More videos, preferably live

We have already predicted this for 2017. But this trend will intensify even more in 2018: videos. The days when it took an expensive camera to make a good video are over. A smartphone and a tripod are often enough. According to Facebook, live videos are particularly popular with users. They are viewed more frequently and commented ten times as much. What also eliminates this is the elaborate post-production. All the more important is a good planning in advance. Bad light, noise or an unstable internet connection are just some of the technical hurdles that must be circumvented. In terms of content, you should also think carefully about what added value the live video offers the viewers.

Resolution 3: Expanding the Reality

Since September 2017, there is “IKEA Place” in the AppStore – an augmented reality (AR) app, with which you can virtually place furniture in your own home. By the end of 2018, there could be 800 million smartphones around the world supporting sophisticated AR applications. The depictions are already amazingly realistic. That’s why Deloitte predicts the big breakthrough of augmented reality for 2018.

Intent 4: Content over the whole user journey

The importance of content marketing will continue to increase. Companies can come into contact with the users via suitable content, arouse their interest and finally build trust. A common mistake made by companies is to focus on users who are still at the top of the sales funnel or have long been customers. The intent is therefore to provide relevant content for users at every level of the user journey. Neil Patel goes so far as to say, “Content is the fuel for the Buyer’s Journey.” Sounds logical: if the fuel runs out while driving, you will not get to the finish, or there will be no conversions. So plan the content strategy along the whole funnel.

Resolution 5: Collaborate with influencers

“Influencer Marketing” is the buzzword 2018. A recent study proves: Influencer marketing works. And especially with young people. In the age group of 14 to 29 years, every sixth German online user has already bought products that he had previously seen with an influencer. Do not forget: Transparency is king! The users want authentic, transparent brand messages. If the product is to be housed only indiscriminately with as many Instagrammer with as many followers, then that brings nothing. It is better to carefully choose micro-influencers with fewer but dedicated followers – especially for niche products.

The conclusion of Content Marketing Trends 2018:

Despite all trends, one thing remains crucial: the communication mix. And the interlocking of the different channels. In a digital customer magazine, Facebook or Instagram can be integrated into the concept, as well as the cooperation with influencers. A valuable supplement is a print magazine with a personalized address, a newsletter or a live event in which the smartphone is included as a video camera. There are many possibilities – what are you trying out in 2018?